Why choose Companion Care?

Keeping you and your loved one at home, where the heart is, avoids:

  • Loss of friends and possessions
  • Loss of independence and freedom
  • Loss of spirit which can be drained by the struggles of daily living

In-home companionship can be more affordable than you think and is much more economical than other choices that may not have to be made at this time.

Why pay extra for a nurse to help with non-medical homemaking?

Why move and pay for full-time assisted living when only a little help with everyday chores is all that is needed to remain independent at home?

Services can be as little as a few hours per week, resulting in significant savings compared to other choices.

Beyond cost factors, experience shows that seniors enjoy a more fulfilling life when they can:

  • Remain in their home surrounded by their familiar routines
  • Receive individual attention from a dedicated caregiver
  • Maintain an independent lifestyle

The largest benefit of all: Companion care strengthens families, preserves relationships and helps reconnect with loved ones.

TLC Companion Care Helps Families

TLC Companion Care can help families realize cost savings, but one of the biggest advantages is the emotional peace of mind knowing that a relative or loved one is being cared for by TLC Companion Care.