“Sometimes it takes a tragic event to give you guidance on the next path you should take in your life. Caring for my mother-in-law, Marion, in the last years of her life, opened my eyes to how much richer those years could have been for her if she had home companion caregiving – a service ironically I was not aware of, yet today something I look forward to providing with TLC Companion Care.

“The basic elements of exceptional caregiving hold true in caring for someone at any age. You must deliver care with compassion, patience and understanding, all of which I have demonstrated time and again in serving as a caregiver for my mother-in-law Marion and in raising my four children with Wayne. I remember my years working in daycare as my children were growing up and how those skills helped me in caring for Marion. I also recall how much I enjoyed cooking for my family and how equally I will enjoy cooking for clients of TLC.

“I have come to realize my greatest gift is being able to provide quality care to those in need – and to deliver that care as if each individual was a family member or friend. As Erin, our operations manager, has noted and I certainly share with her, our goal in providing service is to be more than just an exceptional caregiver. We want to deliver care in such a way each client looks upon us as a special person in his or her life. Someone he or she can talk to, share experiences with, call a friend.”