Director of Operations

The more you experience in life, the more you know about yourself and what you are really meant to be doing. I knew I was meant to work in a profession that would make a difference in the world, an occupation that would enhance people’s well-being.Therefore, in college, I pointed my career towards ecology and nature conservation, studying and earning a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science at Rutgers University, and then a master’s degree in Environmental Science abroad in the Netherlands. I wanted to protect the environment for future generations to enjoy.

“But then when I got out into the workplace and realized that most of the jobs that I was qualified for involved land development and not conservation, I quickly discovered this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It just wasn’t enough of a “people-oriented” career for me…the kind of work where I could see vividly the difference I was making in people’s lives. Then thanks to my in-laws, Wayne and Debi, who wanted to start a home companion service business, I was about to find my “niche” in life.

“Serving as TLC’s Director of Operations has given me what I was searching for. Certainly, earning my science degrees was no easy task. It required intensive study, diligence and organization, all of which I use today to ensure the services our staff provide to clients are the very best and nothing less. Because caring and compassion are so important to me, traits I share with Wayne and Debi, our company policy is to make our caregivers more than ‘hired help.’ It is important that they bond well with those they serve. We strive for them to build wonderful relationships with the clients, so those we serve look upon our caregivers as a family member or their best friend.

“If we can do so with every individual we serve, TLC will be successful in its mission of providing the finest in home companion care services today, tomorrow, always.