Wayne Gregson Co-Owner ” In being a caregiver for my mother in the final years of her life ( Our Story), it became vividly apparent to me if I was going to start another new business…one that could be successful and rewarding…a business that I knew was in high demand in the Tampa Bay area because of our high elderly population, a home companion services company made a whole lot of sense.” ” What I bring to TLC Companion Care is a wide range of experience in the business world, ranging from working in the corporate arena with Aetna Insurance to my career as an entrepreneur – having operated a highly successful sporting goods franchise and a tile and grout cleaning franchise. Such business savvy is important to any industry.” ” Equally important, I have always been able to effectively run a business while at the same time juggling and meeting the needs of my family. Raising and caring for four children with Debi was certainly a challenge, but we found a way to get it done and run successful businesses. Now both of us are bringing our caregiving experience with first our children and then my mother to TLC Companion Care. It is a logical progression in our lives, as we now work to serve those with physical and mental challenges, so they may live in the comfort of their own homes as long as possible. What a wonderful sense of purpose we now have in our lives.”